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At GET IT DONE we have understood that craftspeople have busy schedules that do not always relate to their core competencies. In a fast changing world and competitive environment it is therefore advantageous to have a partner you can rely on and who takes the burden of administration away.

We have therefore developed a concept that fosters long term relationships through competitive fixed price setting, access to additional customers and diversified installation jobs. As a member of the GET IT DONE service partner network you will benefit from reduced marketing and acquisition costs as well as from automated bookkeeping for the benefit of your schedule. Spend less time on administrative task and start installing products of well known brands and startups with the help of our standardised processes and user-friendly interface.

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As a GET IT DONE partner, you have access to all installation orders you want to cover and for which you have the intended qualification. You decide what kind of orders you want to receive. There is no limit to how many orders you can accept.

100% flexibility


As a partner of GET IT DONE, you always have control over your order volume. There is no minimum acceptance and no obligation to accept orders. You decide on order acceptance or rejection, always in line with your other obligations, your route planning and your interests.



GET IT DONE receives installation orders from various sales partners such as Gardena, Weber, Otto and Tado. Our portfolio of sales partners and products to be installed is constantly being expanded. We develop standardized services in collaboration with our service partner network and sales partners to ensure a seamless product experience for all stakeholders.

Contact and service


Our partner management team and web application provide support for all questions related to installation, customer and profile. In addition, we offer automated billing and regular payment by wire transfer to keep tedious accounting tasks to a minimum.


We have developed a web-based order management tool for our craftsmen, bringing the classic paper-based order organization, appointment agreements and accounting into the 21st century.

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