Connect dishwasher

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GET IT DONE takes over the professional connection of your dishwasher: Combining with power and water supply and initial commissioning including. Stand alignment & function check.

All at a fixed price. Travel costs included. No hidden costs.


The following services are included:

  • Drive and departure
  • Testing of water, wastewater and electrical connections as well as suitability of niche conditions for assembly
  • Installation and alignment
  • Connection with water and electricity supply to connections and sewage pipe in the immediate vicinity of the assembly site
  • If available, assemble the appropriate decorative plate or furniture front (without customization work)
  • First commissioning including. Stand alignment & functional test
  • Short briefing

If you already know that you want additional services or additional material is needed (e.g. a hose extension), then you can let us know during the booking process.

More information about the service package dishwasher connection


  1. You can book this service here in the shop or by phone.
  2. Our technician will contact you to arrange an appointment. We can usually offer you appointments within 2-3 business days from your booking. The technician depends primarily on your availability.
  3. The technician comes to you at the agreed time and connects the dishwasher.

You the payment happens on account.

Additional services and materials
Consumables up to a total max. 1 euro is included in the service. Consumables whose costs exceed this are billed separately.
Additional services and materials are not part of this service package and will be billed on site if required.

Notes on the service
A dishwasher should be connected professionally so that you do not experience water damage. In the event of a claim, insurers in particular require proof that the dishwasher was connected by a specialist. Here, the invoice for the installation would be sufficient, which you will leave at the time of booking.